Sunday, January 15, 2017


Wednesday was a fun day.  Thankfully it started a several day streak with little to no rain.  Actually the rain has been great for the drought.  But selfishly it has been nice to have a reprieve for the past few days!

Wednesday McKenna had joy school, which she loves.  I took Jake to a gym class at the Y while I worked out, then we came home and decorated cupcakes together for his little birthday party.  We had fun doing that together- I really enjoy the one on one time I get with him each Wednesday, and I know he enjoys it, too.  When we were in the car without McKenna, it was nice to be able to talk to just him.  I asked if he missed McKenna, and he told me no because she talks too much.  Haha!  He told me later this week that "when McKenna isn't talking, she's singing."  He nailed that one on the head.  So it's fun to be with just Jake sometimes to hear more of what he has to say without constant interruptions from his little sister (who is so much fun, and I enjoy hearing all she has to say, too!).  He is turning into such a great kid.  I'm so proud of him!  He loves to help others and is turning into such a nice, good boy.  I love that kid SO MUCH.  I'm so lucky he's mine ❤️

Jake had a fun little birthday party at Safari Run (a cute indoor playground) with his 3 closest friends- Reece, Liam, and Marley.

In the evening I had YW, which turned out great.  We did an angry birds activity and had a great  time.  I'm really enjoying working with the youth.  They are some stellar kids!

Thursday was McKenna's first ballet class.  The cuteness was almost unbearable.  I think I smiled through the whole thing because it was just SOOO darn cute and in her glory!

Friday 1/13-

Friday the kids and I were lucky enough to go with a great group of moms to the Oakland temple.  8 women and 15 kids, and it was fantastic!  4 of us went in first while the other moms stayed with the kids, and then we switched.  I feel lucky to be able to attend the temple and feel close to my Heavenly Father.  I know He loves me and that He knows me and my family and wants what is best for us.  I'm so grateful for that!  It was also nice for the kids to be at such a sacred place.  I hope they always know how much peace and happiness the temple brings and that they will have a strong desire to find happiness there the same way Andrew and I do.

Saturday 1/14-

Yesterday we had a lot of fun going on a family bike ride.  We went just shy of 12 miles with a fun park trip in the middle.  Jake and McKenna love going, and so do Andrew and I.  It's the perfect family activity!  It was about 50 degrees out, so a little chilly, but we bundled the kids up and nobody complained about being cold.  Jake is in a trail along bike behind Andrew and McKenna sits in a special chair on my handlebars, which I fear she will outgrow soon!  When we bought it (not too many months ago) she still had lots of room for her legs, but they're quickly reaching the bottom of the chair.  Hopefully she can still use it for awhile!  But she sits on my handlebars and talks and sings the whole time.  I love listening to her, and I laugh and smile about all the cute things she has to say in that incredibly high-pitched voice of hers.

The boys had a little picnic of graham crackers in the jungle gym part, and Jake and McKenna had fun playing restaurant at the park.

We tried to get McKenna to use the potty, but she is pretty bound and determined not to!  She also has impressive bladder control because she made it 4-5 hours yesterday sitting on her potty without putting anything into it.  And of course she completely filled her diaper as soon as she talked us into putting one on her again.  Oh well.  She'll figure it out...someday.

Sunday 1/15-

Today was a good day.  Andrew is an especially good dad on Sundays, spending the morning playing with the kids while I get ready and attend ward council.  The 1:00pm time slot has ups and downs, but I really enjoyed hearing Andrew build a marble run with the kids while I did my hair/makeup and got ready this morning.

We had some friends over after church for dinner and had a nice evening.  And we didn't try to get McKenna to use the potty tonight, so that was a nice break.  With all the time she has spent on her little kid potty, she has only ever managed to pee once, and I'm pretty sure that was an accident for her.  That girl is stubborn and does not want to use the toilet!

I'm feeling really grateful for my family and for my Heavenly Father.  I felt especially strong during YW today that He loves me and wants me to succeed.  What a great feeling!

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